Iran: The Third World honey producer

//Iran: The Third World honey producer

Iran: The Third World honey producer

Iran: The Third World honey producer

According to Ministry of Agriculture Jihad information database, In 1397, the total investment value in beekeeping industry was about 6000 milliard Tomans and its production value was close to 3000 millirad Tomans.

On Monday and during the ceremony of national beekeeping day, Morteza Rezaei, PhD, emphasized on Promoting honey quality and increasing its production and said: Beekeeping industry has so much potentials.

He described this industry as one of the instances of resistance economics: the industry has the least dependence on imports and has the highest added value.

Rezaei has also mentioned the results of bee census in 1397 and said: According to the researches, there are 8,434,000 colonies which are kept in 85,336 beekeeping units all over the country.

The honey produced in the past year was about 90,000MT and the average production amount of modern hives are about 11kg.

He also stated that in 1397, 1460mt of bee wax, 123mt flower pollen, 70mt of propolis & 3,400kg royal jelly were produced.

He said honey production per capita in the country was 1110gr. and consumption per capita was 1079 grams per year.

Noting that Iran is the third largest producer of honey in the world, he said that in the past year 1079mt honey was exported. Also 138000 people are working directly in beekeeping industry and surely this industry has an important role in employment and business field.

Deputy director of Animal Production Affairs of the Agriculture Jihad ministry also emphasized on the importance of pollination as the main role of the bees in increasing the production in agricultural sector. He also mentioned the strategic bee development document for year 1404 and said that it involves seven main axes and parts.

He named quality assurance of bee products, increasing efficiency of productivity, adding new product development with high added value, considering export markets, preservation and development of used genetic materials, training, promotion and research in beekeeping and risk reduction as the important parts and goals of the strategic document. This document was unveiled on this ceremony.

The most active and efficient people in beekeeping industry were also chosen and honored on this ceremony.

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