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  • Mutual investment
    Our fund is ready to joint venture with foreign investors in the beekeepers industry in Iran, and it is also ready to identify and introduce to foreign investors other potential trading partners inside Iran.
  • Business opportunity identification
    Due to the complete knowledge of the beekeeping industry in Iran, we can identify and introduce the best trading opportunities in this industry for foreign investors.
  • Access to business networks
    Regarding the access that we have to the network of Iranian beekeepers active in Iran, we can provide foreign investors with all commercial and non-commercial activists in the beekeepers industry in Iran such as consumer network, beekeeping cooperatives, associations, organizations and institutions. Suppliers, factories and industry-related manufacturing units.
  • What have we done?
    Investing in providing the inputs needed by the beekeepers industry in Iran
    • We invest over EUR 4 million annually to supply the sugar needed by the beekeeping industry in Iran, and put it as a loan to beekeepers.
    • We have invested 750,000 euros in joint venture with Zukan Spain to supply APIPASTA to Iran and to beekeepers.
  • Loan payment
    • We pay over EUR 8 million loan to Beekeeping cooperatives and Unions every year.
  • Apiculture Industry development and advocacy fund of Iran, is the only specialized financial and investment institution in the Iranian Beekeeping Section
  • Support for educational activities
    • Our fund supports over 50,000 euros of training activities in Iran’s beekeeping industry each year.
    Investing in research and development
    • Our funds each year make a significant portion of their investments in research and development in the production of other bee products, such as the preparation of propolis gum formulations
  • Investing in the development of the market for beekeeping products
    • One of the fund’s investments is the market for beekeeping products with the aim of direct access to the consumer market through the establishment of chain stores.
  • Transfer technology and facilitate international relations
    • By investing in the field of technology transfer, our fund has succeeded in transferring the know-how of mass production of royal jelly to the country and also provides for the presence of Iranian beekeepers in global events.